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Phone System

Copper Phone lines are disappearing. Upgrading to a new VoIP based phone system is easy and painless and will be here for a long time.

Full overview of your calls

With our new advanced phone portal, your administration is a breeze. You have full visibility of you account

Cost effective

MTwo calling plans are designed to meet your local, national, and mobile calling requirements.

MTwo Phone and Internet Solutions

VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP solutions for businesses can control 1 to 200 plus phones. All controlled from an easy to understand web-based interface or fully managed system. 

How Can VoIP Help Your Business

VoIP is the new phone system that allows you to connect to the world in a way the ordinary landline never did. The copper network allowed one call per line, digital solutions allow multiple calls to connect with Skype, Microsoft Teams, forward to cell phone easily, get calls to your cell phone with easy to use apps and much more.

Cloud Phone PBX versus On-Premise phone PBX solutions

Cloud PBX solutions are fast and can be administered easily, but are limited in features. Line costs are calculated on a line/number basis and usage. e.g. 5 phones will be calculated as five lines, and usage.

On-premise solutions are more robust and feature-rich. On-premise can support many more phones and is recommended for solutions above five users/phones.

Costs are calculated on a number and usage basis. A business line can have many phones attached and calculated on the line and usage.


Phones, Hardware and Software

MTwo supply and install all hardware and software required to create a new phone system for your business. Specialising in 3CX PBX phone systems and recommend the use of Yealink phones from the reception phone, desk phones, softphones, cell phones, conferencing systems, all attachments and more.

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